Surreal art


01 WHO

I see my own works as multilayered products. Exposed to viewers, my artworks may trigger different responses in different audience to the extent when e.g. an object can be seen as a fish by some and as a bird by others. As I see it, any different viewpoints are not contradictory but complementary. I believe that my artworks inspire the viewers to make any speculations. The art itself is created in the state of inspiration, which I define as operation of the subconscious. However, once I have completed my artwork I become a viewer too and can see my own artworks differently depending on my emotional state. The fine lines of my art seem to re-connect and re-entangle while I am not looking. I have been creating art throughout my life and different periods of my life involved different methods and techniques. E.g. “crystallizing” is characteristic of the years 2020-21. But there were periods, when I mostly used a ball-point pen or pencil. My art style and techniques have been and are influenced by music, literature, photography, social environment, but most infrequently by art created by others. I admire art created by other people, but I cannot assimilate any part of it. Therefore I am still agonizing on defining my artistic style in terms of words and tags, as definition means finding similar things and categorizing them into common groups, and I cannot find any reliable set of features as basis for comparison.



03 HOW

Making art feels like catching fish in turbid waters… it may seem endless and pointless but once you get the fish by the gills it realizes the resistance is futile. Just keep it like that and after some time it will start to change.. it may get smaller or timid, convert into several other beings or bite your hand off… anyway, the game proceeds to a new level, but you already have an expertise and, in the end, only the memories of the fish will remain… remember to distinguish between memories and real fish, otherwise the game may restart. It may not if you succeeded in changing your mindset and circumstances in the course thereof.



As a small showcase of some results of my creative activities this  gallery only presents a small part of the artworks that I had been creating throughout my entire life. More of my artworks - mixed media artworks, wall art designs and similar - can be seen in my artistic portfolio on Inprnt, where commercial grade artworks are presented at moderate prices ( as e.g. gallery-quality acrylic prints, precision, cut beautifully produced ), or in my artistic accounts on Instagram and Pinterest. 

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